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Gold Sputtering Target

Brand :Xinkang

Product origin :Hunan,China

Delivery time :1-3 weeks

Supply capacity :100kg / month

Gold sputtering targets is a very important materials of semiconductor, it’s used for depositing gold thin film on the surface of semiconductor chips, to form ohmic contact film, electrode or other films, it can form various metallic films system. Most of gold oxide film system can be used for manufacturing LED, microwave communication device, widely applied in spaceflight, aviation, semiconductor chips and Solar Cells.



Target Materials: Gold Au

Purity: 4N, 4N5

Available Shape: Planar, foil

Actual Density: close to 100%

Size: ≥ 0.1mm thick, diameter 1” to 10”


Typical Certificate of Analysis of 4N pure gold target

Gold Sputtering Target COA.jpg

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